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Are you ready to learn how a chiropractic check-up may help you? It’s a checkup that tells you about the health of your spine and nervous system and how we may help you overcome your health challenges.

“I’ll be looking at your posture, flexibility and biomechanics, while asking you about your health challenges and listening to your concerns. My aim is to understand the overall health of your spine and nervous system so I can provide you with a diagnosis and appropriate solutions.”

Dr Ian Deitch (Chiropractor)

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    Please call 03 9458 3255 or leave your details in the form on this page to book  your chiropractic checkup. We look forward to introducing you to chiropractic over the coming months. You may be surprised by how your life could change.

    New Patient Consultation. Included in your first 2x appointments:

    • Pre-care Health Discussion: We explain exactly what we do, why we do it and what is involved.
    • Your Evaluation: We will discuss your unique health challenges, what you hope to achieve and what your expectations are. Tests will be done to understand what the cause of your health problem is.
    • Your Report: a comprehensive report of your current health status. Recommendations to achieve your health goals.

    Concession and child pricing availableChirolife – your local chiropractic clinic in Rosanna.

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