How Many Chiropractors in Australia

Chiropractic Infographic Summary

As of December 2016 primobolan i norge there were 4,961 practising and 314 non-practising chiropractors in Australia, according to the Chiropractic Board of Australia. This totals 5,277 chiropractors in Australia.

The following is a breakdown by state of the number of chiropractors:

  • NSW: 1,760 (33.4%)
  • VIC:  1,358 (26%)
  • QLD: 844 (16%)
  • WA: 618 (11.8%)
  • SA: 375 (7.1%)
  • ACT: 66 (1.3%)
  • TAS: 57 (1.1%)
  • NT: 28 (0.5%)

The Australian chiropractic profession is a growing industry that is currently experiencing wide levels of public acceptance. The efficacy of chiropractic is regarded favourably and the industry is well placed to serve the needs of the ageing Australian population. It is estimated that each week over 200,000 Australian’s visit their local chiropractor for care.


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