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Local Gymnast from Doreen Wins Aerobics World Championship

Doreen junior gymnast and Chirolife regular Brooke claimed a world championship title at the International Aerobics Championships held in Phoenix Arizona this month.

The 12-year-old and her Junior Aerodance team, proudly representing Australia, competed in the AeroDance category, which consisted of individuals, mixed pairs, trios and teams across different division.

In addition to coming home with a bunch of medals, the girls came back with a sense of pride – having competed on the international stage – and with memories that will last a lifetime.

Both Brooke and her sister Chloe, also an elite national level gymnast, train hard on a weekly basis in a way that’s comparable to the gruelling training rosters of professional athletes.

The sporty sisters know just how important keeping their bodies in balance is, both for their posture and flexibility as well as for their mental strength.

Brooke and Chloe benefit from regular chiropractic care here at Chirolife under the care of Dr. Ian Deitch (Chiropractor).

On her steroider för försäljning sibutramin i sverige muscle recent achievement, Brooke remarked:

“I could never have achieved the amazing result of being part of a World Championship winning team, without the help of Dr Ian!”


We want to congratulate Brooke on her achievement and wish her all the best in future competitions.


Did you know? Aerobic gymnastics pairs technical execution and artistic choreography with pop music in a short routine.


Chiropractic care – a great way to keep your body in balance so you can achieve gold in whatever you do!

Find out how you can benefit from chiropractic care here.




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