Posture Correction Clinic for Rosanna and Heidelberg

Your posture is one of your most important assets. The community holds good posture and good health in high regard. It’s well known that posture problems may impact your health and quality of life. For posture correction in Rosanna and Heidelberg, contact Chirolife today on (03) 9458 3255 or book here to arrange an evaluation.

What’s the Problem With My Posture?

At Chirolife (Rosanna, Heidelberg) we frequently help patients learn more about their posture and to watch for any ‘warning signs’ of posture problems. Good posture helps keep bones and joints in correct alignment so that muscles are used properly. Good posture also decreases abnormal joint wear and tear and stress on the ligaments. Natürliches Training & Bodybuilding ergänzt Legion zudena 100 bodybuilding: 6 einfache möglichkeiten, um kraft aufzubauen. männer fitness & workouts reparieren. You may prevent your spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions by improving your posture.

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With over 20 years of hands on experience, we have become the local chiropractor of choice. Feel free to ask any questions over the phone – 03 9458 3255, or get in touch via our contact form.

Posture problems may vary from person to person however can be characterised in a few points. Can you relate to any of these points?

  • An imbalance in your FORM (your structure, alignment and biomechanics) that may impact your FUNCTION (ability to move or run and the internal function of your organs)
  • A misalignment in your structure that may cause a secondary ‘compensatory adaptation’ elsewhere in your body
  • An observable shift or ‘unevenness’ in your posture when you stand in front of a mirror

What is ‘Good Posture’?

A good, strong posture has a natural alignment with your head directly over your shoulders (draw an imaginary vertical line between your ears and your shoulders), your shoulders directly over your hips and your hips directly over your ankles.

Your biomechanics should function at their strongest in this position. Any variation away from this norm may lead to musculoskeletal problems.

Different Types of Posture

  • Forward head posture (text next)
  • Sway back posture
  • Lumbar lordosis (lower back)
  • Thoracic kyphosis (hunch back)
  • Rotated hips/pelvis

Many people put up with painful postural problems when they don’t have to. Help is available. At Chirolife Rosanna we can teach you about good posture and may provide recommendations for postural correction including a program of chiropractic adjustments, specific stretching, traction stations, orthotic devices and ergonomic advice.


Invest in your health! Start improving your posture today – contact us now to arrange a consultation. Your Melbourne team at Chirolife are happy to answer your questions and we look forward to helping you.

Please call (03) 9458 3255 to arrange an evaluation today.

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