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Many parents have come to us asking if ‘chiropractic for kids’ is ok. That’s why we created this page – to provide you with the same information we tell our practice members. If you are interested in finding out more about your child’s health and about chiropractic for kids, this page should prove useful to you.

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The Number of Children Who Visit Chiropractors

The following figures on child visits to chiropractors are referenced for your information. They are very interesting and help to show how many kids visit chiropractors.

  • survey found that in the United States, approximately 30 million paediatric visits to chiropractors occurred in the year 20001 (this could include multiple visits by one patient over the year)
  • This figure had more than doubled by the year 2009, to 68 million visits2
  • According to the U.S. National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, in 2010 about 17% of chiropractic patients were aged under 18 years:
    • About 7% were aged under masteron five
    • About 9.4% were aged between six and 17

As you can see from the data, there are many child visits to chiropractors.

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Children’s Health – An Overview

We know that your child’s health is their greatest asset. Unfortunately we are also aware of the variety of challenges confronting our kids today: sickness, asthma, allergies, behavioural issues, headaches, growing pains and more.

Thankfully, in today’s world there is a growing community of people making conscious decisions to improve not only their health but the health of their kids as well.

Consider the following examples:

  • Replacing household chemicals with natural, eco-friendly options
  • Reducing the consumption of processed foods
  • Being actively involved in local sporting clubs
  • Reducing reliance on medications that merely mask symptoms without addressing the underlying cause
  • Turning to natural health modalities such as chiropractic care

Local families are embracing all these options and more. The result will hopefully be children that grow up with the best chance of enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives.


How Does Chiropractic Fit in With The Health of My Child?

We are learning more and more that the body is interconnected and one function is dependent on another. The following factors may contribute to your decision to have your child assessed by a chiropractor and to follow through with some chiro for kids:

  • Birth complications: medicalised births, forceps or caesarean delivery
  • Obvious postural distortions
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Adolescent sporting injuries
  • Adolescents complaining of lower back pain


Chiropractic for Young Bodies

Chiropractic care is a ‘hands on’ approach to tackling many health complaints. While the chiropractic adjustment is a manual procedure, chiropractic care for kids differs somewhat to chiropractic care for adults.

While children have the same joints as adults, they are not yet fully formed. Younger joints are more cartilaginous compared with more mature joints. Additionally, younger joints tend to be smaller and more flexible compared with older joints.

This means chiropractic adjustments for children need to be performed in a different way, using a modified technique. Chiro for kids uses a gentler, softer approach.


Will Chiropractic Help My Child?

Chiropractors are well placed to educate children and adults about spinal healthcare through their five-year university training. There are many reasons why you may want your child to have a chiropractic check up.

These include:

  • Chiropractic may contribute to changes that may lead to increased comfort and better posture habits
  • Chiropractic may increase movement in places where restrictions are evident
  • Chiropractors can teach your kids how to take care of their spines
  • Posture coaching
  • Exercise, stretching and flexibility
  • Advise on ergonomics and recommendations on the type of back packs kids carry to school
  • Chiropractic care can restore correct function and relieve pain symptoms associated with the carrying of heavy backpacks
  • Care for sporting injuries


To find out more about chiropractic care for kids, please contact Dr. Ian Deitch (Chiropractor) from Chirolife today.

“I have a wealth of experience and information to share with all. I would love to welcome you into our chiropractic family, and by working together, help you and your family have a long and healthy life.”

Please call 03 9458 3255 to arrange an evaluation today. Your Melbourne team at Chirolife are happy to answer your questions and we look forward to helping you.


  1. Lee AC, Li DH, Kemper KJ. Chiropractic care for children. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2000;154:401–407.
  2. Alcantara J, Ohm J, Kunz D. The safety and effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic. Explore (NY). 2009 Sept-Oct;5(5):290-5.).

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