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Welcome to Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre. Don’t put up with aches and pain, find out how I may help you. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Melbourne area, please read this page as I have published some very important information for you. My clinic, Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre, offers you over two decades of professional experience in the management of many common health challenges. I have helped over 5,000 people to address their health challenges with natural chiropractic care – all without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic is a primary form of healthcare in Australia that focuses on the diagnosis, management and prevention of a range of disorders, including the effect these may have on the function of your nervous system and overall health. The teachings of ancient philosophers, Hippocrates and Galen, have informed the chiropractic premise that the body should be able to respond to it’s surroundings provided that the nervous system is free from disruption. In short, chiropractic allows your body to function at its best.


Natural Chiropractic Care by Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre

You may be wondering just how chiropractic healthcare may benefit you? I like to think that after you have experienced chiropractic care, you will develop a deeper trust in your body’s ability to heal from injury, aches and pains. The effect of adjusting your spine may enhance how your brain, tissues and organs communicate within, and coordinate, your body.

Can you have confidence in what chiropractors do?

Supporting the profession is a growing evidence base of research and scientific literature that should give you confidence in the work chiropractors do.

Chiropractors in Australia are five-year trained (minimum) qualified healthcare professionals who study at universities. Chiropractic is currently taught at the following universities:

  • Macquarie University, Sydney
  • RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Murdoch University, Perth
  • Central Queensland University

As a chiropractor, I can tell you that my education never ends. Even after two decades in practice, I still have to complete continuing professional development courses and seminars to make sure my skills are current and relevant, while staying updated on current scientific research. Chiropractors are regulated and registered by the government and need to abide by a comprehensive set of guidelines and rules to ensure patient confidence and safety.

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Chirolife Serves Patients Right Across Melbourne

Many of our patients come to Chirolife from right across Melbourne. You see, if you’re onto a good thing, why change? We are located in Rosanna, Melbourne, yet have become the local chiropractor of choice for many residents. We have a long history and reputation in helping others and for these reasons many of our patients travel from neighbouring areas to receive chiropractic care here at Chirolife.

Our service areas extend to:


Holistic Approach to Health

While chiropractic care is itself a natural and ‘hands on’ approach to health, we can also advise you on other holistic strategies to improve your health. Many people in recent years have become fed up with the nasty side effects associated with the long term taking of medications.

Pain medications certainly have their role in our health system, such as for the short-term relief of pain, however they shouldn’t be used as first line treatment options in every case. This is especially true for chronic pain conditions. A chronic pain condition can be defined as pain that persist for longer than three months and doesn’t go away. Chronic pain conditions can be complex as they involve interactions between the nerves, nervous systems, brain and spinal cord. Simply taking a pain pill for long periods of time will never address any possible underlying causes of the pain.

That’s why a more holistic approach to your health and healing, drawing upon a range of different options, may better serve you.

We can advise you generally on health, diet, exercise, stretching, nutrition, sleep posture and how all of these areas may be enhanced when combined with chiropractic care.


Important Considerations

We understand that choosing a chiropractor for you and your family can be a very personal decision. You may be considering a number of options, such as how far you can travel to see your chiropractor, the price of care and what exactly the benefits will be to you. Let’s address those points now.


Chirolife is located approximately 17km northeast of the Melbourne CDB and is accessible by both train and bus. There is lots of on-street parking and we are conveniently located within the Rosanna Shopping Village.


We offer affordable pricing options with a standard chiropractic visit only $56 and concessions pricing only $46.

For all new patients, your first two visits are $85 and include the following:

  • Your day one consultation and chiropractic exam
  • Your day two Chiropractic Report of Findings
  • Our best recommendations for care.
  • X-ray diagnostic imaging, if required, additional fees apply.

All of this will be discussed with you at your first visit.


How May Chiropractic Benefit You?

The benefits available to you can be divided into two areas: relief care and wellness care. Let’s take a look at both types of care.

Relief Care: Many people when first looking for a chiropractor do so because they find themselves in pain and want relief. That’s where I can start to help you. During this first stage of care, I want to uncover the underlying cause/s of your health challenge. I may suggest a care plan that aims to maximise your results while helping you to participate in your recovery.

Wellness Care: I tell my patients that true health is a journey, not a destination. You will be presented with educational opportunities and can decide to continue with care for a wide variety of reasons.

Regardless of what your health goals may be, I want you to understand that my team and I are here to serve you. You make the decisions when it comes to your health. Our job is to offer you our best recommendations and professional chiropractic care.

Common Conditions We Help

Chiropractors commonly help a range of conditions:

  • Lower back pain
  • Headache and migraine pain
  • Neck pain
  • Post injury recovery (sporting injury, car accidents and workplace injury)
  • Sciatica (nerve pain)
  • Posture correction

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My team and I strive to provide the highest quality chiropractic care in our fun, warm and friendly clinic, open to the local community within Melbourne. If you want to address the root cause of many of today’s health complaints, please don’t hesitate in trying ‘hands on’ chiropractic care. With our personal commitment to helping you, you can explore if chiropractic is right for you now.

Please contact Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre today.

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